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An Inside look on some of the New Features of Hyperion Planning Fussion Version Smart View

2.Smart View for Planning
- On Adhoc Queries and Analysis
-You can now write data back to the database
-Provides a smooth integration between the Planning web and the Smart View - no need to relogin to excel.
-You can view attached docs on the cells

- Connection Manager is improved
- You get a tree view of each product and from each of these products you can browse to different servers and different applications
- You can also drill from the web form level

- Will allow you to perform modelization of cubed slices thru the use of Smart Slice.
- Report is now created using one or more Smart Slice/s that can come from different sources.
- Your Power Point presentations can now be dynamically linked to the data sources.
- There is a Function Grid that links a cell in Excel to a data from a data source that now makes it a more flexible formatting report.

Benifits of Smart View on Planning 11.1.1:
a. There is a tight integration in Planning web since you can now simply go back and forth from the Excel file to your web UI.
b. You can now dynamically link your office presentation such as Power Point or Word to your EPM sources withought doing other manual steps such as copying and pasting tables or graphs.
c. You can now create interactive reports from all your EPM sources

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