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An Inside look on some of the New Features of Hyperion Planning: Core Planning

1. Core Planning
- With the enhancement, you will now be able to work with data forms and perform the following actions:
- Attachment of excel documents on data forms
- Select dates automatically using the calendar
- Show member formulas from data form
- Hide and show rows with no data on data form
- Launch SmartView from data form through a simple click w/o the need to reconnect.
- Drill through the Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)

On the user interface:
- You may now choose to display the aliases when using copy versions
- You will now be able to cleanup annotations using the clear data option

- You can create folder securities. will this feature, all the forms under this folder will inherit the assigned security on the folder. And if a form under the folder still has a unique security other that the security created on the folder, you may still opt to override the folder security for this particular form.
- Job Status

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