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How to show the Change Password link on the Login page

Since we've identified the Web-inf folder from the previous tutorial, this one should be fairly easy to do.

Step 1 :
Look for your Web-Inf folder from your Jaspersoft folder. I'm using Jaspersoft's later version (3.7) so mine is located at ..\jasperserver-pro-3.7\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF .

Step 2:
Locate the file jasperserver-serverlet.xml and set the property allowUserPasswordChange to true. Also, set a value to the passwordExpirationInDays property .

Step 3:
Restart your Jasperserver. Your login page should show the Change Password link after the Show locale & timezone link. Once you click on the Change Password link, the login page will look like

Cheers! ;-)

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